Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thank you!

I received a pleasant little surprise yesterday - this lovely award. I still consider myself new to the blogging world so I am very honored to receive this award from Elizabeth at Bébé Suisse. Elizabeth is a talented writer and I always enjoy reading her insights on dealing with life after a miscarriage, infertility and living an expat life in Switzerland. Some of her posts are so haunting and lovely that I find myself crying along with her, however she still retains a sense of humor in her other posts that I totally dig. Plus, I really enjoy living vicariously through her Swiss adventures.

So, Elizabeth, thank you so much for honoring me with this award. I'm so glad that you find something meaningful in my little ramblings. Thank you also to my other readers and commentators. I love how much support I've found through my blog and reading your blogs. It's an amazing community we have here!

Here are the steps to follow after receiving this award:
  • Share who gave it to you with a link back to their blog. (See above)
  • Write down seven random facts about yourself.
  • Give this award to fifteen other bloggers.
  • Let them know they've won.
  • Pop the award on your blog.

Okay, here goes.... 7 random facts about me: 

  1. I prefer tea over coffee.
  2. I am not a morning person or a night owl. I need a lot of sleep to feel like a normal human being. 
  3. Braveheart used to be my favorite movie until Mel Gibson turned into such a prick. Wait, who am I kidding? I still love the movie, but I now think Mel Gibson is a prick. 
  4. For Halloween my husband and I dressed up as Han Solo and Princess Leia. He was Leia and I was Han.
  5. My family is obsessed with dachshunds and every summer we have a wiener dog race with the family dogs. 
  6. I'm a fairly reserved person but I love to perform. My outlets include community theater and singing with various local choirs. 
  7. I hate shopping malls. Too crowded, too many stores - it's sensory overload for me. I'd rather make a quick stop at a small, locally-owned store and call it a day.
Next up... Giving this award to 15 other bloggers. Well, like I said above, I still consider myself new to blogging so I'm still building my reading list. Here are a few that I enjoy. I noticed that some of my other favorites have already received this award. Bravo! I am surrounded in this virtual world by so many talented and supportive ladies. I love it!

Now I'm off to work on the next two steps. I hope you ladies are all having a fabulous day!


  1. Awwww, thank you Ann! Very sweet! I love wiener dogs too, haha

  2. Thank you so much! I am so excited about this, and it really makes me smile. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    1. I'm glad I could make you smile. You definitely deserve a good smile!

  3. Thank you for your kind words! I will look forward to checking out some blogs you awarded that are new to me.

    A wiener dog race - too funny!