Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Time - something that I never seem to have enough of. I'm not exactly sure where it goes but I'm always grasping for more. Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months.. and even worse yet, the months slowly trickle by and become years. 

Case(s) in point: 
  • The fifth anniversary of my mom's death is approaching. How can it be possible that I've lived that long without her? Sometimes I still feel like she's just a phone call away.
  • In a recent bathroom cleaning frenzy I unearthed a bottle of folic acid prescribed to me in August of 2009. Oh, the early days of our fertility journey (before the insufferable prefix in had been tacked onto fertility)
  • A recent message from Bébé Suisse reminded me that it's been far too long since I logged onto the bloggie world. Wow, it wasn't my intent to fall off the face of bloggie earth, but it appears that I did. Thank you, Elizabeth, for casting me a rope and bringing me back from the brink.

The brink - it's been an up and down kind of week. My dear beloved monthly visitor arrived a few days early and startled me out of my TWW anxiety/bliss. Apparently this was not to be our month, but my ever-optimistic inner self bounced back after yesterday's lovely acupuncture appointment (seriously, my most relaxing appointment yet. I spent the rest of the day swathed in a cocoon of bliss). Today I'm feeling down again. Perhaps it's the gloomy weather, or hormones, or... well, does there even have to be a reason why? I'm down and not afraid to admit it. (The upside to feeling down is that I had no remorse about treating myself to a chai latte and chocolate scone this morning). 

So, here I am again. Finding time to vent. And I admit, this feels pretty good - I really must do this again soon...