Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dizzy spells

Hello everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed my recent three day weekend and am just now getting back on track with the online world. We did a lot of yard work (Good-bye weeds, hello new perennials!) and spent some time with my hubby's family over the holiday weekend. I did also get active - we went for a three hour walk on Saturday on some nearby trails. I loved being able to spend so much time outside for three straight days. It was a glorious treat for this office job gal.

Towards the end of the weekend I started feeling really dizzy and lightheaded. Monday morning the hubby and I did some weeding in our flower beds and I started to feel really ill. Every time I stood up or bent over I felt like I was going to pass out. The feeling gradually dissipated as the day went on and by the afternoon I was out in the yard digging holes for our new flowers. Yesterday morning the dizziness returned. It took me forever to get ready for work because I kept having to take a break to sit down. Unfortunately, the feeling stuck with me all day yesterday and is still with me now. I've also had some nausea, which I think is totally understandable considering that my center of gravity is all out of whack.

So, the infertile part of me is getting excited. Nausea? dizziness? Well, that must be an early pregnancy sign, right?!

However, the logical part of me thinks that I'm having a bout of vertigo. A couple of years ago we vacationed in Hawaii. After the return flight home I started to feel very strange - dizzy and lightheaded for no apparent reason. I went to the doctor and she said I had a slight case of vertigo. The long plane ride had most likely wrecked havoc upon my inner ear, making me feel slightly off-kilter. She said the feeling should subside after a week or two and it did. I've experienced this a couple times since - after more plane travel and after I had a nasty head cold. My theory is that this new bout has been brought on by seasonal allergies.

I'm not really keen on going to the doctor just yet because most likely they will tell me that my symptoms will gradually go away on their own and I will leave feeling like I just wasted my time. So for now I'm going to monitor it and perhaps go in if I don't feel better by next week.

Do I want this to be an early pregnancy sign? You bet I do! However, it would have to be a super-duper early sign since I just ovulated last week. I'm trying not to read too much into this but that's pretty much impossible for an infertile woman going through her two week wait. In the immortal words of Frank Costanza - "Serenity now!!!"


  1. Without discouraging your aim for serenity, I truly hope it is what you are trying not to read too much into it being! Whatever is causing it, I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Haha, thank you. My hopes are dipping a little low since my ear feels plugged today. Chances are it's ear related, not womb related. Oh well...a girl can dream, right?

  2. No fun. I hope it's womb related too! Have you tried a neti pot? It is usually used for sinus and nose stuff but it can really work wonders on inner ear stuff as well.