Monday, April 23, 2012

Trying to relax

An infertile friend (who I mentioned in a previous post) recently crossed over into the realm of pregnant friend. After years of heartache and one failed IVF cycle she managed to get pregnant naturally. Her advice to me was this – just relax. Yes, I know… when fertile people utter this phrase I normally have to bite my tongue, but I was able to take it in stride since it came from a fellow IF warrior. She said she concentrated on just having fun, instead of obsessing over whether she was or was not pregnant.

Well, I certainly took her advice on Friday night. I had a fabulous night out with friends and paid for it a million times over on Saturday. It was the hangover from hell and I was rendered utterly useless for a whole day. I silently chastised myself as I lay there in agony. What the hell, Ann? You’re a 29 year old woman, you should know better! I’ve been TTC for so long that my alcohol tolerance is practically nonexistent. My 29 year old self cannot drink nearly as much as my 25 year old self - at least not without severe consequences.

Apparently, I took my friend’s advice far too literally. Ugh, never again. I’ll have to find another way to relax, something much more befitting of my 29 year old TTC status. I think I’ll try a nice walk in the woods later. At least that will only have healthy side effects.  

I joined some friends on a seven mile trek on some nearby trails last night. It was lovely, albeit a little longer than we expected. We returned to the parking lot soon after the sun had dipped behind the trees and the night air had begun to chill. The weather had been so deceptively beautiful during the day that we forgot how chilly the April nights still are in the Midwest. Oh well, we'll be back at it again on Wednesday evening. They're training for a walking marathon and I'm training for my own well being. 


  1. Good for you for going out and having fun! Those nights (although painful in the morning) are well worth it.

    When do you start treatments Ann?

    1. I suppose it was well worth it, but it made me realize how old I'm getting. :) I can't party like I used to be able to.

      After my laparoscopy my doctor had me do six months of Lupron injections. I finished those in January and it seems like my body is finally back to normal (my cycles have started again). My doctor wants me to try naturally for a couple cycles before moving to the next step. At this point I'm fine with his plan - it feels really good to be medication free.