Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In the fertile's den

I'm in a book club... a very fertile book club. Almost all of the ladies have children and two of them are currently pregnant. I find it hard to walk past a pregnant lady, let alone sit next to one for a couple hours, their protruding stomach staring me in the face. The mommies in the group always find ways to relate the books we read to their children, their parenting experiences or their pregnancies. I suppose it's only natural that they do this, but it makes it hard for me to chime in. 

Mommy book club member: <Insert child tantrum story here.> 
Me: Oh yeah, the other day my dog got really bored and chewed a hole in my dirty underwear...

I outed myself a couple months ago as an infertile. It led to a really nice discussion and they were all supportive, but it's still hard to go there every month and be surrounded by their fertileness. However, I like to read, these ladies are pretty cool, and I'm kind of a glutton for punishment, so I keep going. 

At last night's meeting one of the ladies privately handed me a paper bag. Inside were two fertility statues. She said they worked for her and her husband four times over (she is currently preggo with #4). Hmmm... well, I am intrigued and ready to give it a shot. I know she's probably just naturally super fertile and these little statues have nothing to do with her good fortune, but the superstitious part of me says we should give it a go.

Our new little visitors are now sitting on our nightstands, ready to watch over us while we do the baby-making deed. We've already got the doctor involved in our sex life, why not add a couple more "experts" to the bedroom?


  1. Well, as long as all they do is watch, why not?! Just think of the story you can tell baby: "When a man and a woman love each other very much ... and have two fertility statues watching over them ...."

    1. Haha! Baby will hear all sorts of stories when he/she is old enough to. "Mommy had to drug herself silly to make her tummy cozy enough to hold you..."

    2. Ha, I always think that when the day comes to explain how babies are made to my kids, the story will begin, "Well, there's a Mommy and a Daddy...and a team of experts."

    3. It's definitely not the type of stuff they taught me in sex ed! I thought this was supposed to be easy!

  2. Love it! Maybe in the middle of a play date with your husband you can lean over and ask them if you are doing everything right! That ought to freak your husband out. Haha