Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday recap, kayaking fun and sick kitty

Hello everyone! Sorry, I didn't mean to go off the bloggie grid for so long but my real life has been keeping me busy. I'm all recovered from my hospital escapade and enjoyed a lovely weekend at home. Saturday was my birthday and we had a few people over to enjoy our newly landscaped fire pit. Later in the evening it started to rain but we were reluctant to go inside. There's a large white pine behind the fire pit so the tree boughs provided some relief from the rain. Eventually we admitted defeat as the drops began to get bigger. Aside from the rain it was a lovely evening with friends and a wonderful way to unwind and regroup.

Here I am enjoying the lake by my dad's house.
The lakes we paddled on Sunday were smaller. 
Sunday we went kayaking with my brother and his family. We explored a small chain of lakes in a nearby town. It was a beautiful, warm day and I thoroughly enjoyed cooling off in the water with my nieces and nephew. My brother and his family are quite outdoorsy - the kids even have their own little kayaks. At one point we came upon two canoes filled with rowdy college boys. They managed to tip one of the canoes and it took them quite awhile to get everything back in order. My ten year old nephew confidently paddled by in his own kayak and the look on the older boys' faces was priceless. A kid was more capable on the water than they were. (Sorry, proud aunt moment...I had to share). 

Today I am a worried cat mom. Last night our little guy started having accidents around the house. We ended up sequestering him in the bathroom for the night so we could get some sleep. We took him to the vet today and they found some really large crystals in his urinary tract. They want to keep him overnight and are hoping to flush the crystals out with lots of fluids. If that doesn't work they will need to surgically remove them. Poor little dude! 

He just turned a year old (we think). My niece found him living in her family's garden last August. J and I happened to stop over for a visit just as they were trying to corral him. I took one look at the scrawny little kitten and fell in love. We took him to the vet to get spruced up and they said the poor thing had probably been living outside on his own for quite some time. He weighed half as much as he should have and bore many scrapes and cuts. Almost a year later he is living the life of a pampered house cat. Not a bad deal for a starving little foundling. 

Anyway, I miss him and hope the vet can patch him up and send him home soon.

Hoping my little buddy can come home soon. 


  1. Happy birthday!! Your kayaking adventure sounds like fun. I hope you kitty gets to come home soon! It's always so sad when your fur babies are hurt :(

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday weekend! Sending you many wishes for dreams coming true in the year ahead - and some get-well wishes for your kitty too, poor little guy. He is so handsome in his picture, and so funny inside the paper bag. My kitty adores going into them, too. (What cat doesn't?!)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like a great time with friends and family. How is your kitty doing? I hope he is home and healing by now.