Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beware the throng of fertiles at Target

You know what I hate? I finished yet another bottle of prenatal vitamins and I'm still not pregnant. What the hell?? Whenever I get a new bottle I pray to the fertility gods to please, pretty please, let me get knocked up before this bottle is empty. Well, it looks like my prayers have gone unanswered yet again.

So I hop in the car and drive to Target so I can replenish my supply. I try my best to avoid the baby section as I meander around the store (because everyone knows you can't leave Target with just one item. The store sucks you in and makes you look for things you didn't even know you wanted). I wander around the store like a good little infertile (okay, I allow myself one glance at the cute little baby Easter dresses), and it seems like the store is full of women my age with babies or toddlers in tow. I can't get away from them! It's getting late...shouldn't those damn fertiles be at home putting their adorable little babies to bed?

I vote for designated infertile shopping time. Give us our own special hour when we can buy our ovulation tests and prenatal vitamins in peace!

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