Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keeping it real

There were two new members at my book club meeting last night. And by new I mean brand spanking new human beings, freshly freed from their mother's wombs. I politely congratulated one of the new moms and for a moment I saw a hint of hesitation on her face before she said thank you. Oh, infertility, why do you have to make normal human interactions so awkward? 

Perhaps it's better to keep my infertile status under wraps so I can avoid other awkward situations. But no, I want to talk about it. I want other people to know how much it pains me and what a struggle it is. I want to educate them so that perhaps they will better know how to deal with the next infertile couple they meet. I want the stigma surrounding infertility to stop and I can't stop it by staying silent. 

So, I'm sorry if I made you feel awkward, new book club mommy, but if I have to live with infertility every day I think you can deal with one awkward social exchange.


  1. I share the same feelings on all my infertile blabbing! It will help someone. Someday. Good for you for hanging in there! XO

  2. Absolutely. Great job! Great post.

  3. When I announced our pregnancy, I also attached that after having to deal with infertility we were excited to announce the pregnancy. I am sure it made some people reading it roll their eyes but oh well get over it. Same for the new mommy.